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 Patties, especially the beef is Jamaica's most famous snack. It also serve as a meal for most people. We make ours fresh daily right here at Caribbean Cuisine. Although the taste and quality of the filling is extremely important, the crust  is the soul of the patty. It's the determining factor for most people. The flaky should be falling off when you bite into the patty. We went to the extreme to ensure our crust is layered and flaky without using any animal byproducts. The crust is made of 100% vegetable shortening. Having the ability to make our own crust enables our to make patties with a variety of fillings, Beef, Beefy Cheese, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Vegetable, and Callaloo. We also make lobster, shrimp, and Salt fish on request.    

Jerk Wings


 You haven't eaten wings until you eat a well jerked wing. Our wings are seasoned with our homemade jerk seasoning, marinate, then slow cook in a BBQ Pit. Yes, a pit. We don't do jerk in the oven.  

Jerk Chicken


 Jerk chicken is one of Jamaica's most food. It's to Jamaicans what hamburger is to Americans.  

Steamed Fish


Don't like fry food? Try one one our steamed fish, filet or bone-in.  

Bun and cheese


Jamaica's most famous sweet bread. It's consumed throughout the year but more abundantly at Easter time. 

Vegetable Rundung


a variety of vegetables cook in a coconut milk reduction.